Mixed media on canvas, 36x48. I am moved by that which is around me. The ocean is a strong pull for me. It both comforts and is scary by its sheer power.

Mixed media on canvas. 12x16. Lately I have been drawn to painting 100% abstract pieces. This one is a departure for me, using colors I don't normally use. 

my story

sea of blue

Painting, for me, is about capturing emotion. It's about capturing that one moment in time. That one moment when your emotions were so strong, mixed up, not known - and the beauty is so great it's raw. The ocean brings this out for me. It's about connecting with what we've seen, where we've been, what we feel and continue to feel.

Mixed media on canvas, 36x48. I am drawn to the ocean and mesmerized by its power. 

Mixed media on canvas. 36x48. I seem to be a bit of a moody, dark painter. Messy, layers, lots of paint....

Churning Water


​Kimberly Reed, Artist

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some of my latest work

abstract #5

Mixed media, acrylic and oil paintings. 

moody, turbulent, powerful, raw - i paint.

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